LeftLion Extended

We are here to deliver powerful content to forward thinking brands. Extend your thinking.


W H O  W E  A R E

LeftLion is an award-winning media company which launched in 2003 and fast became the authority on culture in Nottingham. Not only do we have the most popular entertainments publication and website in the Midlands, but we also hold a stream of creative events and have even brewed our own beer.

Over the last ten years we have worked with some of the best artists, designers, writers, photographers and illustrators in the UKOur team have a wealth of experience working creatively with big brands worldwide. Now we can offer you a way to connect to them.

E X T E N D E D  T H I N K I N G 

During our journey, many businesses and organisations have wanted to work more closely with us. Now we are ready to serve their needs. We are here to deliver powerful content to forward thinking brands. We’ll work out with you what’s relevant to your audience, using our media expertise and vast creative network.

A R T W O R K  A N D  P R O D U C T I O N

With a keen eye for trends and technology, we can create brochures, press adverts, web banners, posters, direct mail campaigns and video graphics. 

From sweet packaging to corporate exhibition stands; you name it, we can artwork it. Every so often creative work needs a bit of tweaking, photographs need cleaning up and logos need to be in the right format. 

We thrive on attention to detail in these areas. This is where we can offer our help.


We like to think differently; from initial stages through to print and digital media solutions. Within our extended team we can design ad campaigns, websites, brands, logos and to be honest most things. But we’ll only do it if we think the concept is sound. 

Content is king and we pride ourselves on our ideas. So should your company.